MBP Spring Webinar

April 21, 2021 6:30 pm

Virtual using the Zoom platform

A conversation on many aspects of the industry


For many folks being a part of the agriculture sector can bring a sense of personal fulfillment along with the potential for a perfect storm of mental health challenges.

Factors like the weather and market uncertainty can make for sleepless nights. And the ongoing global health pandemic has upended everything we know and forced everyone to adapt to continually evolving sets of health orders.

Against the backdrop of these and other stressors – some of which are and aren’t unique to the cattle industry – Manitoba producers and their families are invited to join in a virtual conversation on fostering mental well-being.

Over the course of the evening participants will have the opportunity to hear from a dynamic group of leaders within the Canadian cattle industry who will share their personal and professional experiences while offering practical tips in a supportive environment.

Throughout the two-hour session there will be opportunities to ask questions and engage in conversations with everyone on the Zoom video call. The session will also feature a look at the markets moving forward.

Thanks to our guest speakers Cynthia Beck (Rancher and motivational speaker), Jill Harvie (Beef Farmer, brightpasture.com) and Anne Wasko (Market Analyst, Cattle Trends and Gateway Livestock) for taking time out of their schedules to join the webinar.