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Manitoba Beef Producers Virtual 42nd AGM a Success

Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP) held its successful 42nd Annual General Meeting on February 11, this time delivered via a virtual format due to the pandemic-related restrictions.

MBP’s Executive for 2021-22 was announced as follows: President Tyler Fulton, Vice-President Melissa Atchison, 2nd Vice-President Matthew Atkinson, Treasurer Mark Good, and Secretary Mike Duguid.

The membership ratified the incoming 2021-22 board of directors, which includes: Alfred Epp, District 1; Nancy Howatt, District 2, Andre Steppler, District 3; Kevin Duddridge, District 4; Steven Manns, District 5; Melissa Atchison, District 6; Tyler Fulton, District 7; Matthew Atkinson, District 8; Trevor Sund, District 9; Mike Duguid, District 10; Arvid Nottveit, District 11; Mark Good, District 12; Mary Paziuk, District 13; and, Jim Buchanan, District 14.

The contributions of four retiring directors – Gord Adams, District 1; Peter Penner, District 3; Dianne Riding, District 9 and Robert Metner, District 11 – was recognized. MBP is very appreciative of their combined 23 years of service to the board of directors on behalf of Manitoba’s beef industry. They will be missed.

Two resolutions were debated and carried, one related to the livestock price insurance program and another related to the process for valuing improvements made to agricultural Crown lands. And, a series of amendments to the Manitoba Cattle Producers Association’s (operating as Manitoba Beef Producers) administration by-law were carried, primarily dealing with the processes which can be used to hold MBP district meetings, its AGM or special meetings, as well as the processes for notifying members of said meetings. More details on both these items will be found in the March edition of Cattle Country.

Greetings were brought by the Hon. Blaine Pedersen, Minister of Agriculture and Resource Development, and Wab Kinew, Leader of the Official Opposition in Manitoba.

There were three guest speakers. Ray Bittner, project lead for the Livestock Predation Prevention Pilot Project gave an update on this three-year initiative which is designed to improve prevention and mitigation strategies in order to reduce livestock losses caused by wild predators. Laura Plett of Stead discussed her participation in the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders Program, including her work with Martin Unrau, her program mentor.

And, keynote speaker Dr. Frank Mitloehner (the GHG Guru) of the Department of Animal Science at UC Davis in California touched on efforts to help the global community understand the environmental and human health impacts of livestock, so people can make informed decisions about the foods they eat and while reducing environmental impacts. This includes his work with CLEAR (Clarity and Leadership for Environmental Awareness and Research at UC Davis). See:

The keynote address is available here, while a copy of the slide presentation is available here.

Manitoba Beef Producers thanks the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Ag Action Manitoba Program for its support of the 42nd Annual General Meeting.

MBP also thanks all the delegates who participated virtually in the AGM. We look forward to meeting with you in person again sometime in the coming months.