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Manitoba Beef Producers Recognizes Measures in Latest Provincial Budget

Manitoba Beef Producers welcomes a number of initiatives in the latest provincial budget that should be helpful for the local cattle sector and rural communities.

“Some key commitments in this budget which are important to our sector include the increased funding for the Livestock Predation Prevention Strategy, the implementation of the Veterinary Medical Services Strategy to help address shortages in this area, and the 2024 freeze on rental costs for agricultural Crown lands,” explained MBP President Matthew Atkinson. “MBP has done considerable advocacy work on matters like these given their importance to our members, so seeing them singled out in the budget is important.”

Atkinson noted several other commitments that will be helpful for beef producers. They include:
• Extension of the gas tax cut to the end of September;
• Maintaining the School Tax Rebate for farm properties at 50 per cent;
• The reopening of two Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) service centres;
• Increasing the loan amount eligible for the Young Farmer Rebate to $300,000 from $200,000 and the
lifetime maximum rebate to $30,000 from $20,000;
• Providing a new lending fee credit for farmers under the age of 40 to minimize the upfront cost of
financing through MASC;
• Continued investments in the suite of business risk management programs;
• The development and implementation of a comprehensive trade strategy with a renewed focus on
trade relationships and expanding export capacity;
• The creation of a value-added strategy for Manitoba farm products;
• More apprenticeship training seats, and other steps to help deal with labour shortages, including
measures to address gaps in services for temporary foreign workers in agriculture;
• Efforts to relieve the shortages of health care professionals, including in rural communities;
• Work to address rural crime, including more funding for police services.

“MBP will continue its engagement with various Ministers and government and agency staff to help advance both the needs and opportunities related to Manitoba’s beef sector,” said Atkinson. “This two-way dialogue is important as we strive toward the common goal of having a robust provincial agriculture sector and strong rural communities.”

April 3, 2024

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