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Manitoba Agriculture and Food Knowledge Exchange website

University of Manitoba scientists are sharing research findings using the new Manitoba Agriculture and Food Knowledge Exchange website at

This new initiative is a user-friendly, simple, and informative means for the public and all levels of the agri-food industry to draw benefits from research programs developed by scientists at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences. Topics covered on the MAKE website include food innovation, food safety, human and animal nutrition, crop breeding, agronomy, animal care and environmental sustainability of production systems. The website contains plenty of resources in several formats that include short podcasts, videos, articles, fact sheets, infographics and even recipe cards for tasty foods made using Manitoba-produced ingredients. The information housed on the MAKE website enables producers to have access to practical solutions and innovative techniques that can enhance and improve production systems, on-farm profitability and environmental sustainability. Public visitors to the site benefit from a farm-to-fork picture of how food is produced in Canada while building public trust on farming and food production systems on the prairies and beyond.

The website features information for all sectors of prairie agriculture from plant breeding and growing crops to livestock production and food processing. Current beef-related content on the MAKE website includes podcasts on the complex role of cattle in our environment, Canada’s Verified Beef Production Plus Program and pros and cons of needle free vaccinations for beef cattle. The informative podcasts are created in partnership with Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development. Those interested in fact sheets and articles can follow the link to the MAKE Knowledge Corner and to the Ag and Food Resources page which host information on cattle biosecurity and managing risks of introducing infectious hazards into the farm, benefits of perennial grain as a dual-purpose cash crop and reducing whole-farm greenhouse gas emissions through cattle diet and manure management.

Visit the Manitoba Agriculture and Food Knowledge Exchange (MAKE) at for research highlights on beef production and many additional topics in agriculture.

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